Hospital Joint Venture Partnership

Strategic alignment with a hospital.

Experience and Execution

Strategic planning is at the forefront for many hospitals with an emphasis on improving quality and lowering costs. To succeed, hospitals and providers must be aligned to take on the risk and responsibility associated with keeping communities healthy.

The movement of hospitals toward licensed ambulatory surgery centers has accelerated based on a shift to value-based care, population health, and transparency. While some hospitals embrace change; others are instinctively protective of their outpatient departments.

Combining Physician Endoscopy’s expertise with a progressive hospital will ensure the most successful joint venture. PE has years of experience building successful three-way joint ventures and building long-term relationships between hospitals and physicians.

Let’s work together to develop world class:

  • Patient Care
  • Physician Engagement
  • Market Position

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Execute Your Strategy:

Hospital Partners:

We are thinkers and doers—serious about delivering great outcomes. We are the people behind the company wanting to make each partnership a positive experience. We care about quality and getting things done right the first time.