Karen Sablyak

Chief Compliance & Analytics Officer

Ms. Sablyak, CPA, CGMA, is considered to be a founder of Physicians Endoscopy, co-writing the business plan with Barry Tanner for the company that has evolved and grown into what exists as Physicians Endoscopy today. She has 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is experienced in all aspects of healthcare administration with particular expertise in finance, operations and acquisitions. For the last eighteen years, Ms. Sablyak served as the Chief Financial Officer of Physicians Endoscopy leading the Company’s growth to more than 55 centers and 200+ employees. In her new role, Ms. Sablyak will continue to support the growth of the company through acquisition and investment analysis, legal and risk review, integration activities and identifying strategic growth and cost saving initiatives to maintain and enhance the delivery of superior, value-add services to our partnered centers.

Prior to joining the Company in 1999, Ms. Sablyak worked as a Vice President of Practice Management for Allegheny University Hospitals (Philadelphia/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania). In that role, Ms. Sablyak was directly responsible for managing 150 primary care physician practices that had been recently acquired and coordinating their conversion to corporate systems (such as billing, accounting, purchasing and payroll), as well as the integration into the culture of the organization. As such, Ms. Sablyak has extensive experience in billing processes, developing policies and procedures, reviewing, presenting and interpreting financial data specific to a healthcare entity and in fostering communication through a complex, diversified organization. During her early career, Ms. Sablyak worked for one of the largest local CPA firms in Philadelphia and received extensive exposure to financial complexities, as well as federal and state tax issues, over a broad array of industries.

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