Barry Tanner


Mr. Tanner (“Barry”), joined the company in July 1999 and has dedicated nearly twenty years to the growth and development of Physicians Endoscopy.  Currently, Barry shares responsibility for the company’s partnership development activities, as well as being responsible for the company’s strategic direction and services development. Barry also shares in the day-to-day management and governance of several of the company’s partnered ASCs.

Prior to joining PE, Mr. Tanner founded and served as Chief Financial Officer at Navix Radiology Systems, Inc., a physician practice management company based in Miami, Florida.

Prior to founding Navix, Mr. Tanner served as Chief Operating Officer of HealthInfusion, Inc. (NASDAQ – HINF), a Miami-based provider of home intravenous therapy services. Before joining HealthInfusion, Mr. Tanner was primarily involved in the financial services industry.

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