Hear from our partners about their experience with Physicians Endoscopy.


“Our partnership with Physicians Endoscopy provides the ideal business structure for our group. PE’s leadership team willingly listened to our concerns and crafted a deal that reflects an understanding of the complexities that our changing landscape demands today. It was extremely important for us to partner with an experienced company who is single-specialty focused in gastroenterology.”

Lawrence Kosinski, MD

“Physicians Endoscopy’s expertise is clear in the hands-on approach they take to steward the center to proper utilization and efficiency, all while ensuring our vision of clinical excellence is maintained.”

Blair Lewis, MD

“PE supported our efforts and provided guidance to us throughout this entire process. The PE team worked with us and with UHHS to ensure that this project be among the best of the best.”

Robert “Bruce” Cameron, MD

There were three moving parts: 11 gastroenterologists, EHMC, and also PE. While we all had the same goal, at various times, we felt these three pieces were going in different directions. PE helped everyone keep their eye on the ball to get this deal to closure.


While our practice was running well, we wanted to become a state-licensed facility. With the growth of our practices, we needed to look beyond our existing operations.


On paper, the plan was just what EHMC wanted. The opportunity to partner with our physicians and with PE, a leading, very successful management firm that focuses on GI–that marriage of three parties met our needs and wishes.


“To help us meet and exceed our goals, we teamed up with Physicians Endoscopy, one of the nation’s premier developers and managers of endoscopic ambulatory surgery centers. We chose PE because we wanted to ensure that Long Island Center for Digestive Health would be among the highest quality facility of its kind, anywhere in this area.”

Leonard Stein, MD

“PE has taken the lead and championed service excellence and medical quality as a standard for their facilities. They have created a ‘gold standard’ that other surgery centers should be compared to.”

Robert Sable, MD

“That is something we had always wanted to do, and through working with PE, we now had tools to do so.”

Jay Levinson, MD

“Given the healthcare environment that exists in New York, putting together a project of this scale would have been impossible without Physicians Endoscopy as a partner. This endeavor really requires a hospital partner to help assist in obtaining a certificate of need. PE has significant experience in getting these types of projects moving smoothly—start to finish. It is reassuring to know that PE will be our long term partner.”

Michael Blechman, MD

“PE coming in has been able to help create greater efficiencies and position the center for growth because they are able to make third-party objective decisions that are truly in the best interest of the center.”


“Our access to care for patients has become phenomenal, both as an endoscopy center and a partnership. We have developed strengths that allow us to be more accessible and provide more efficient and appropriate care.”

Kenneth Schoenig, MD