Hospital Joint Venture Partnership

Strategic alignment with a hospital.

We build long-term relationships between hospitals and practitioners – ensuring quality patient care remains at the forefront.

Combining Physician Endoscopy’s expertise with the value a hospital can bring to the venture makes good business sense. PE will insure the most beneficial joint venture is structured among the parties to protect the ongoing success, growth and viability of the center.

Significant benefits for adding a hospital partner include: leverage with commercial payers; improved volumes; ability to obtain state approvals where establishing or expanding facilities is otherwise difficult.

  • Physicians’ Point of View: the JV helps to share risk, reduces personal headaches and time commitments, and enhances relations with the hospital.
  • Hospital’s Point of View: the JV expands physician relationships and provides a low-cost, high quality, efficient alternative for patients while reducing the overall cost of care.

“PE has taken the lead and championed service excellence and medical quality as a standard for their facilities. They have created a ‘gold standard’ that other surgery centers should be compared to.”

Robert Sable, MD