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The Leap to Corporate Partnership: The Advantages May Surprise You

Physicians are experts at patient care, but their medical training doesn’t include the financial aspects of running a profitable clinic. Even with excellent outcomes and above average patient satisfaction, the bottom line can be flat or even follow a discouraging downward trend.

The eight physician owners at Atlantic Gastro Surgicenter, LLC, better known as ACCESS, felt that their ASC could be doing better and took steps to make that happen.

In November of 2016, ACCESS and PE finalized their corporate partnership. The outcome has been outstanding, with updated equipment, better contracts, an improved organizational framework, and a brighter bottom line-all within the first year of business.

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Gastroenterology Practice Consolidation Q&A

As president of PE Gastro, a new division of Physicians Endoscopy, I have the opportunity to work with a team of healthcare management professionals focused on the administrative side of private practice gastroenterology.

Scott Fraser, President, Practice ManagementMy 20-plus years in the GI space has provided a unique opportunity to partner with many leading gastroenterologists and witness first hand about what has made their respective groups thrive in this ever-changing healthcare environment.

Although there are many top private gastroenterology groups around the country, two physicians who stand out for their leadership and vision for the future of gastroenterology are Drs. James Weber and Michael Weinstein.

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Accreditation Surveys: Secrets for Your Big Win

The strategies for winning in sports are the same for business — or in this case, a successful accreditation survey. In both business and sports, you must know the rules, create a game plan, and bring in a strong leadership team.

Helen Lowenwirth, MBA, CASC, administrator at East Side Endoscopy & Pain Management Center (ESNY) in Manhattan, New York, scored big on her most recent surprise CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) accreditation survey. She and her Physicians Endoscopy (PE) team share some of their secrets for survey success.

Physicians Endoscopy has been a long-term affiliate of the center providing ongoing administrative services and operational oversight.

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Legal Considerations When Selling ASC Shares

One of the most impactful things an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) can do to continue to grow and develop the center is to bring in new physician partners through the sale of equity. In addition to the numerous business, operational and interpersonal considerations involved with identifying appropriate physician partners and selling shares to such partners, there are a variety of key legal considerations that any ASC should also keep in mind.

This article addresses such considerations, including federal and state anti-kickback laws, state and federal securities laws and other legal considerations.

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Possible Profit from Anesthesia

The government has been aggressively pursuing enforcement actions against health care providers, including providers in the ASC industry.

Learn whether it is still possible to profit from anesthesia in an ASC, and if so how it should be structured to be most advantageous.

Learn how to determine if anesthesia is still the right decision for your ASC.

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IT for a De Novo Center

When building a new endoscopy center, there are many important components that need to be addressed.

Learn how to keep a facility open on time and be ready to provide care to patients. One of the more critical components-and one that can easily move down the list of priorities-is information technology (IT).

Learn how to avoid significant complications when building a De Novo.

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Basic Laws of Healthcare Fraud

Healthcare fraud is rampant. Involving $60 billion per year for Medicare and Medicaid.

Learn the three major statutes utilized by the government for alleged healthcare fraud protection as described by Richard E. Moses, DO, JD and D. Scott Jones, CHC.

Learn how to protect yourself from inadvertently falling into violation.

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Colon Cancer Awareness: 9th Annual Get Your Rear in Gear Philadelphia

Sunday, March 26, 2017, marks the 9th annual Get Your Rear in Gear (GYRIG) Philadelphia. Philadelphia is the location of one of nearly 50 GYRIG events held annually across the country. The Colon Cancer Coalition, the organization that started Get Your Rear in Gear, held the first GYRIG event in March 2005 in Minneapolis, MN. The initiative began in 2004 as one women’s reaction to the loss of her sister to colon cancer at the age of 46.

Through GYRIG events throughout the year, the Colon Cancer Coalition raises funds to increase screening and awareness for colon cancer. Money stays in the local communities where it is raised. GYRIG Philadelphia has been around since 2009–raising significant money for education, research, screenings, treatment and patient care in the Delaware Valley region.

Physicians Endoscopy has been a long-standing sponsor of the event and is proud to be a primary sponsor of the 2017 event!

For more information one PE’s team, visit our team page

For Get Your Rear in Gear Philadelphia, visit http://join.coloncancercoalition.org/site/TR/Philly/

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