ASC Acquisition Partnership

Flexible minority or majority options.

Meet and Exceed Your Goals

For today’s GI physician, owning an ASC is really the best way to remain in control of your career and financial stability. You work hard every day—you should be rewarded for your dedication to patients. With professional fees continually being reduced, you need a surgery center that can offer returns both now and when you retire.

For more than fifteen years PE has been partnering with physicians to develop and manage their endoscopic ambulatory surgery centers. Our partnership model offers the doctors majority equity and control over their ASC. This is an attractive and profitable business model for small physician groups as well as large coalitions.

If you’re unsure about center ownership or don’t feel you have the time or energy, we make it easy for you. Our team is specializes solely in endoscopy, so we have years of experience in these types of partnerships, as well as three-way hospital joint ventures. It should be very clear in everyone’s mind exactly what each of the parties is expected to bring to the venture. Providing superior surgery center management services is one important step; making sure that those business management services are visible, tangible and appropriately valued by our partners is paramount to long-term success.

Our ASC development services are beyond compare. We can help take the burden of ASC management off your plate so that you can focus on treating your patients. If you’ve considered starting an ASC, consider partnering with us today.

Keys to the Success of a True Partnership

  • We build strong relationships with our physician partners
  • Doctors retain majority ownership and governance of the ASC
  • We alleviate common fears that are shared by all physicians
  • We create an environment that provides comfort and reassurance
  • We develop mutual trust and respect

“That is something we had always wanted to do, and through working with PE, we now had tools to do so.”

Jay Levinson, MD