Developing an IT Recovery Plan for Your ASC

If your organization is fortunate to remain in business long enough, you will undoubtedly face some form of disaster. This could be a natural disaster (earthquake, flood, hurricane or winter storm) or a man-made disaster (chemical spill, cyber attack or power service disruption and blackout). Regardless of the type of disaster your practice or ambulatory surgery center (ASC) encounters, you need a plan to recover from it. Without an effective recovery plan, business continuity efforts could be significantly hindered, stalling the return to normal operations or, in the worst-case scenario, leading to the closing of a business.

A vital component of disaster recovery planning is an organization’s information technology (IT). While practices and ASCs rely on IT to different degrees, all organizations count on some form of IT to support operations. Read on to learn how to develop a thoughtful IT recover plan today to protect yourself from potential disaster tomorrow.

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