Cultivating A Leading Practice

Q&A by Scott Fraser, President of PE Gastro Management, with Kevin Harlen, Chief Operating Officer of Capital Digestive Care (CDC).

Scott and Kevin discuss the future of private practice GI groups, investments that CDC has recently made. Learn from thought leaders in the GI community and discover how CDC stands out as a success story in independent GI practice management. CDC has evolved from laptops on folding tables to the largest independent GI practice in the Mid-Atlantic states, in no small part due to some smart investments in scaling the operation through the development of a central business office (CBO). 

Find out why large groups should remain physician-led but partner with executive teams to manage the administrative functions of a medical practice, and how this allows physicians to focus on delivering world-class patient care. With a goal to provide excellent service to patients, administrative services provide the depth and breadth that allow growth and consolidation in today’s healthcare environment.

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