(Source: ASCA)

1. Meet Face-To-Face 
When it comes to building meaningful relationships, nothing beats in-person conversation. Face-to-face interactions yield proven sales results. With exhibiting opportunities at the 2017 Winter Seminars and ASCA 2017, you have the chance to engage directly with our members, listen to their needs and point them to more effective solutions.

2. See What Your Customers Are Talking About
There’s an active discussion going on right now about the ASC industry—are you a part of it? ASCA Connect is an online forum where thousands of industry professionals come together to discuss the topics that are most important to them. If you’re not part of the discussion, you’re missing out on valuable insights and opportunities that could help grow your business. Reach out today to learn more.

3. Keep Your Content Fresh
Consistency is key when it comes to branding—but it’s just as important to keep your content relevant. In generating analytics reports for ASCA News Digest advertisers, we’ve found that fresh content paired with new visuals are more likely to catch our members’ attention. If you’re looking to increase your Click Through Rate and drive more users to your website, consider updating your ad to something new and different.

4. Make Consistent Connections In Multiple Places
When our members are ready to buy, how will you be sure your company is the first one they think of? Delivering your message across multiple platforms helps keep your brand fresh in their minds as they plan their purchasing decisions. With advertising opportunities in ASC Focus, ASCA Connect and ASCA News Digest, you have the chance to reach our members wherever and whenever they are looking for information.

5. Be Active
Our members crave information—and they value companies that share their industry knowledge. Do you have expertise to share? Submit your topics for ASC Focus editorial, sponsored content, ASCA meeting speaking engagements or a presentation within our Webinar series.
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